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Tailoring Your Style with the Suit Queen


The Brand

Mpoze Fashion is not just a brand; it's a vision. As a woman-owned company, we are committed to delivering a luxury experience that caters to both men and women. We're all about fashion, art, personal styling, shopping, and fashion therapy. My specialty lies in crafting quality garments, especially suits and coats, but we're not confined to any limits. My garments are not your typical suits; they're bold, unique, and designed with sustainability and creativity at the core.


While I have always been passionate about the art of making clothing and crafting outfits, I have also always had a major case of the entrepreneurial bug, for as long as I can remember.  I started designing at the age of 8 and curating styling shoots at 10. I learned how to hand sew as early as 7, at an after school program in Lawrence Ma, called Latchkey. In high school, as an ambitious teen, I was selling handmade denim bags to my classmates—who apparently, were all for it. Business was growing and hand-sewing these bags was not enough to keep up with the demand. My stepdad invested in my business by buying me my first sewing machine, which was a baby-blue mini sewing machine, now we were in business! I would offer generous discounts to people who would give me their old jeans to use. Recycling initiative, am I right? Small as it may have seemed at the moment, this effort was only a baby step in my future fashion endeavors.


Fashion is certainly at the core of my passion, but I have always has a desire to serve my community. Considered a Fashion Therapist by many, I am now part of the Boston Arts Academy Advisory Board & Fisher College Advisory Board, where I have implemented a fashion internship program for young, aspiring stylists through Mpóze Fashion LLC. I am now an adjunct professor at Fisher College, where I teach Retail Buying and Retail Product Development. 


I am also the founder of Suited for Fashion. A non-profit organization with a mission to help elevate the underrepresented and underserved youth in the local arts community. SFF strives to develop long lasting relationships within the arts community, to include higher education, to directly support pathways for our young creatives. 


In good time, my hopes is that MPÓZE will empower women and men to not only be confident in their own skin, but also proud of showcasing their own, unique style.


Interested in working with Stephanie? Contact us at to set up an appointment, or find out more!


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